Keep videos, where users expect them

Divide different videos into specific channels. Manage user permissions, add labels or customize a channel with custom branding.

Keep videos, where users expect them

Create labels

Organize videos within channel into categories using labels, thus streamlining individual series of videos for your users. You may attach several labels to each video.

Company presentation

Custom branding

Select an introductory image that sets a unique mood within your channel. Simultaneously, you may change color and logo of the entire interface, thus achieving a completely personalized company tool.

Channel types

Create public and private channels. Only invitees will gain access to the private ones. Public are available to all users to connect freely.


Additional channel features

Additional channel features

Publication settings

Video publication can be conveniently set to a predetermined date and time.

Additional channel features

Generating thumbnails

Following a video upload, Treevio will automatically generate 3 preview thumbnails of the video.

Additional channel features

Simple user import

Import can be done simply via uploading a list of emails.