Use cases

The latest studies show that 98% of companies rate video as an important tool for improving communication within the company. Video as a medium allows the viewer to create an emotional connection with information. The result is a proper understanding of the message you aim to convey to your employees.




Corporate Culture

Take onboarding of new employees to a new level

Starting at a new company can be challenging for a new employee, as they have to memorize new faces and names and, most importantly, absorb a lot of information. If an employee has access to online employee training, from internal policies to product training, it can save the company time and especially money. Where you had to hire an internal trainer, video becomes a 24/7 tool that reduces your overhead.


Treevio & onboarding

Add a survey to your video to test your employees' knowledge. At the same time, you can check the viewing and response statistics of a specific user.

Simplify complex information

Video is an easily accessible medium that can help you educate large groups of people faster than a personal alternative and speed up the learning process in your company. Training videos can range from lengthy tutorials to quick tutorials designed to help employees perform the most important tasks effectively while eliminating the risk and cost of errors in a shorter time.

Product & service training


  • Product Sales Strategies
  • Customer Service Training

Treevio & education

Divide videos according to their categories into individual channels. For easy reference, you can also add chapters to your video.

Allow employees easy access to company news

Video is a great way to provide timely and valuable information to the whole company. Your company's employees may not have time to read long messages. However, it's easy for them to watch a short video on the go, where their team leader shares the most important information about the team's performance or where top management shares news about the company's direction.

Last Week Summary

Treevio & news

Thanks to the public channels feature, every employee can access the content.

Kick-start the corporate culture

Corporate culture is not born in a day, it is built over time. In many ways, it is the culmination of a set of values exemplified by management and employees. In order to get the most out of your videos, you will need to introduce it to your employees as a medium that can be used by all of the staff. Video should be seen as more than just an internal communication tool. It should be seen as a way for your employees to work together and share knowledge.

Employee Interviews

Treevio & corporate culture

You can set different roles for members in a channel, some will be able to upload new videos, others will only be in the role of a viewer.